A Mystical Journey

14c the moon _001

Joys and sorrows come together in life.

Lightness and darkness also.

Murphy’s Law will happen.

What goes up, must come down.

The best we can do is commit to ourselves and put one foot in front of the other and keep walking.

And during it all, smile. Smile as if your very life depended on it. Smile and always remember, “But there for the grace of god go I.”  Compassion for others goes a long way.


Why am I so philosophical? That is not a hard answer to give. It is because this morning I gave the first of three Tarot Walks in LEA17-Tarot Garden.  I get thoughtful. Many things happen. I get emotional. I get intuitive. I get rational. I get — well, so many things. Ok, so this blog will be a little longer than normal because I have a few things to share.


Ok, so first off, Art Blue was ill and did not make it. Juliette step in his place and gave a sweet opening talk. Thank you J!  Here was my little speech:


Greetings to all you lovely people!

I am honored you have come. Thank you!

LEA17 – Tarot Garden is in one important sense a tribute to the wonderful creations of the late Niki De Saint Phalle whose sculpture garden in Tuscany, Italy was used for this reflection in Second Life.

Niki passed away in 2002, but has left us a legacy of artistry that will continue to inspire many of us.

As an artist who does original and also transformative art, I found this project to be a walk on the mystical, for you see, I found myself talking to Niki as I made each build.

No no not “talking” to her, but communing with her in the sense of, “Why did you put that there Niki?” “Why did you use that symbol Niki?” “What did that mean to you Niki?”

And sometimes, the knowing simply flowed into me like a gentle shore break wave against the sand and I understood. These insights is what I believe allowed me to build this inspired collection as a gift for our virtual world.

Niki said two invaluable things that I have held close to me as an artist. The first was about her Tarot Garden. She said that it was her “destiny to make a place where people can come and be happy: a garden of joy. ”

This motivated me to manifest her garden of joy into our virtual worlds on my own, while acknowledging the source but also putting it into a new dimension.

Ok, so, why Niki? Why did I become so obsessed with her?

That’s an easy answer.

I first saw her pieces — the poet and muse, ricardo the cat, nikigator — in Balboa Park, while on holiday in San Diego, California. My son was just a little guy then and we played on those statues, especially nikigator because in those days he liked to pretend he was a t-rex and well, it was close to a dinosaur with it’s sharp protruding teeth!

I fell in love with those sculptures, so colorful, so friendly and inviting. But, the truth is, I was too in love with my little boy to pay any heed to whom the artist was.

Time travel forward… many years forward…

I am in Second Life and one day, shortly after sharing my primitive art with a couple who came across my work in opensims at my gallery on Swando (BTW you can see these builds recreated on display. If interested to go there, just ask me. 😀

Anyway… after receiving a comment from an SL art critic about my work being “kindergarten art” I washed with a sense of embarrassment over the criticism and thinking I should quit the art scene in virtual worlds voiced this to my new friends and, it was that gentleman right over there, Art Blue, who not only brushed aside the criticism for me but mentioned that I reminded him of the famous artist Niki De Saint Phalle among others… Antoni Gaudi, James Rizzi, Marie Agnes.

Curious, I goggled her (all of them actually!) and was astonished to see the very same artist of those wonderful sculptures my son and I had once played on. Research showed me she had more sculptures only a few hours from where I now live and so, dragging my husband and now grown son along, I visited Califia’s Magical Circle and her other sculptures in Escondido and at UCSD.

What awe! What inspiration! An indescribable experience to stand at her sculptures and touch them!

But… and it is a HUGE BUTT! *pauses to think on Niki statues of women* hehehehe Well that and other things! 😀

But when I came across the Tarot Garden website, that magnificent garden of joy, when I saw the color, the mixture of mysticism and playfulness enlightened in such artistic expression, I heard a muse whisper in my ear, “This too is for you, your mission.”

Well and here it is.

For you all…

In honor of my muse, the late Niki De Saint Phalle, whose words:

“I could do whatever I wanted,
whether people liked it or not,”

has become my adopted motto regarding my own artist builds.

Like it or not, I present to you the Tarot Garden. I hope you will enjoy spending time in it.

Thank you so much.


Then Venus Adored gave a magnificient particle performance, an encore on Monday, August 20, 12:30 pm SLt.  Here is a teaser:

Thank you Venus for utilizing the music I asked for it!  This one by Bliss, A Hundred Thousand Angels, was indeed my favorite. 😀

A wonderful live concert by Echo Starship followed! Though this was taken at LEA17, it gives you an idea of how wonderful he is.

That was my Saturday at LEA17 ~ Tarot Garden.

Thank you to all the incredible people who made it a wonderful grand opening. You are GREAT!

Here is a sweet article on LEA17:  http://slnewserdesign.blogspot.com/2018/08/the-tarot-garden.html

Now, the journey continues. Here is the event schedule. I hope you will come to something.


And don’t forget the ENCORE PERFORMANCE OF VENUS ADORED added to Monday, the 20th at 12:30 pm SLt!  YES!

See You THERE!




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